one place closer to puppies

I finished one homework assignment. I figure that puts me one place closer to the puppies. Two more to go.

It’s been five months. The longest I’ve gone without seeing them is eight months.

My homework involves writing words in new ways that people can understand easier. Unfortunately for me, I don’t understand most of the things either – so I’ve been researching quite a bit today.

While I’ve been going out of my way to not turn these pages into a puppy whinge-fest, it’s worth mentioning that my despair caused by their absence seems heightened this week. I guess it’s because it’s been somewhat of an emotional week.

Why has it been an emotional week you ask… Well…

  • Not being able to use my foot has my teeth grinding more than usual.
  • I’ve just recently finished dealing with historic humans slapping my face.
  • My seventh month of winter is a drag. Even if it’s a mild one.

I believe that the puppies would have easily resolved all of the above. A friend I used to have once said that he like to go to the gym to work out, because as a Writer, it kept him up and active. I think that’s what the puppies do for me in a way. While I stay physically active sheerly from being car-less, the puppies keep me emotionally active. I find without them I feel quite vacant.

So here’s to homework. The initial puppy arrival of September 2012 isn’t soon enough.


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