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Dear Blog Tribe

In a debatably snobbish manner, I’ve grown to be somewhat of a cult elitist. As our relationship has blossomed nearly three years strong, I find myself daydreaming about fond memories constructed over literally more posts than I have ever read back through.

True story.

Our loyal cult affiliates are quite aware of how often the gretchen cello about page changes. And I’m sure you’ve taken notice of FollowmMeToNYC’s “new look and feel”. This combination is what brought us to today’s VERY special comment leading to NUMBER 1000! Thank you very much Daniel Carter !!!

Sweet Jesus!

So dudes, I’ve decided that whoever comments on this post will receive something magic and spectacular. Terms will be negotiated after comments are tallied. I predict a PDF of recent work, perhaps.

Unpublished. Go figure…

It’s pretty bloody exciting to enter four digit comment territory!

Who’s 1001?

In other news, I love my job. I work a lot. Ten hour days. Sometimes more. When I got home today, I shimmied beside a pot of wilted daises, barefoot to this:

2 thoughts on “one thousand comments

  1. Babe! How wonderful to read this, seriously…but how I wish I had’ve posted that magical thousandth comment! Love the thought of you shimmying too, with the added kick that in several short months, I’ll be shimmying beside you. Love you, miss you each day X

    1. I miss you every day too loveliest, some of my favorite daydreams lately of are of balmy New York City nights. Summer is creeping in and awaiting. x

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