oprah makes me barf

I’ve been trying really hard not to write about idiot celebrities on my page lately. When I heard through the vines that Oprah was gallivanting around Australia recently with a posse of Yanks in tow, I cringed, but vowed to persevere with my mission to ignore all celebrity action.

Then there was the story I caught where some wanker Aussie no-name “celebrity” apparently said something to Oprah like, “Yeah, you guys in the States have diners, we have McCafes,” which openly pissed off many Australians as we were thrown onto the international scene as a collection of McDonalds gobbling fools with no better way to spend our time than drinking piss coffee.

And STILL I said nothing on my page… HOWEVER…

While perusing headlines pertaining to the Indigenous people of Australia today, I came across this story about how the chairwoman of the NSW Aboriginal Land Council gave Oprah some footage of the shocking conditions that Indigenous people are presently living in some parts of this country. Then I came across this story via Perez Hilton with a sickening publicity shot of Oprah holding two Aboriginal children with the accompanying quote “I think the word awesome appliesā€¦ it strikes awe in your soul when you see it. Me being here is a way of paying respects to the Aboriginal people and showing respect for the land and their culture…” (no offense to Perez who frankly I usually find fricken hilarious).

Point: Oprah makes me vomit. As a self-proclaimed “humanitarian” it sickens me that she came to this country not for a day, but for likeĀ over a week and change, with no recognition toward a serious issue that receives little to no acknowledgement on an international scale.

But at least she caught up with Hugh Jackman.

Famous people with a lot of money don’t really bother me. Famous people with a lot of money and big mouths that don’t back up what they make noise about bother me very much.

Oprah, if you’re reading this, at least respond to the video footage you were given. Maybe all those paparazzi bulbs burned out your eyeballs?

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