p is for Patrick’s and PUBLISHED !!!

Our cult family that has been following along since this time last year knows that St Patrick’s Day has turned into a somewhat epic annual occurrence in the world of gretchen cello.

Yesterday kicked off in an Irish pub with many pints of Guinness, a few of Kilkenny, and a couple glasses of Jameson. There was fiddling, there was dancing, there was loud cackling, and of course – the coveted free Guinness hat.

After the Irish pub my mate and I decided that we looked important enough to crash a store opening where there were many trays of different wine shades, some with bubbles, and an assortment of delicious food trays. So with no eye contact toward the door bitch and our heads held high with, “We’re with them…” we strut inside for a brief intermission. 

… there were shoes there too.

Although the idea of another Irish pub was raised, a Hawaiian cocktail bar serving drinks in bowls caught our eye.


Now. In MOST exciting news, my copy of the Short, Fast and Deadly anthology arrived today and on page 80 is a piece by yours truly.


Sure there’s my poetry book, but this is different. This is an edited collection put together by one of my favorite Writers roaming this mysterious land of Earth.

The puppies and I had a proper dance over it in my living room. Tonight I am going to sleep early.

… bowls of blue drinks take at least two days to recover from.

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