new pen! playing, prancing, and peace…

I actually wet my pants in the stationary shop on 6th Avenue yesterday when a glorious Cambodian man presented a silver Parker pen with a wide, white tooth smile and simple statement of ‘Nine dollars, thank you.’

So far I’ve shown my pen off to two friends that both commented on how light it is. I thought that was cool because I never really considered why I prefer a certain instrument, I just know what I like… which seems to be something light weight and clicky… with refillable blue gel ink.

My restaurant job, who I love dearly for at least bloody hiring me, is still in the works because they aren’t finished fitting the new joint out. Not that I’m mad at them… but girl’s gotta eat…

I have been very blessed to be hooked up with a freelance gig by another one of my mates so I’ve been working from home for about a week. It sort of involves words in a very round about way… it’s definitely going to prevent me from starving… so thus far it is aaaaaall positive.

Having a new pen has dramatically improved my mood. I had a few cranky weeks there with leaky pieces of plastic that I’d have to constantly scribble with to get spilling. That’s a big no-no in my world of pens… I demand immediate action… none of this ink-warming-up garbage.

So now I’m happy… and feeling very inspired, much more at peace.

Therefore, I must depart now for a prance to the park. I shall bring a big red silk book, NEW PEN, and blanket. I’ve been toying with novel writing again. My hands get a bit quicker each time I sit down. Every day this town injects me with new story elements, revamped character qualities, fine details…

Having a new novel actually done by my one year anniversary would be insane, to be true I’m not sure if I can swing it… we’ll soon find out!

6 thoughts on “new pen! playing, prancing, and peace…

  1. You could totally do it. You’re a crackhead when you focus on something… if you want to write a novel by your one year anniversary, I have very little doubt that you could pull it off.

    1. i am indeed a crackhead… i’m also a sappy wench… love poems take up too much of my time… (tee hee) … but the notion of a new novel certainly has my attention at the moment. 😉

    1. oh my god! really? you’re the first one to receive it… i would say thank you, but what an understatement!! the first copy couldn’t have arrived in a better pair of hands. immediate, infinite memory… namaste michael 🙂

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