pumpkins. staying up.

img_7521My weekend has been spent staying awake, carving pumpkins and weaving around midtown.

I’m happy to have a friend around while I ride out the end of the most recent stint of terrible. I ate Thai food last night and laughed until I was lying on the ground in giggles. My friend put a pumpkin on his head to make me smile¬†and carved out the face that I drew on another one.img_7471

I love October in New England, it’s special. Everything suddenly tastes like cinnamon and chimney smoke.

It’s comforting that I finally feel better, after feeling terrible for over a month. Emotions are a wicked thing. They’re always causing havoc when you don’t see it coming.

Saturday’s full moon was stunning in the city. The east river was more golden than usual.

I feel rested and focussed. It’s horrible what a relationship can do to me. It’s better when I am on my own, I’m ¬†more productive. I think what was appealing about the Luthier is the reclusive nature of the work. As a Writer, I thought the two of us shared that in common.

I thought a lot of things that were, evidently, incorrect.


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