pushed. your pleasure.

I once found a way
To love in colors. Somehow
Brighter. Then. Lampshade secrets.
He switched. Something.
What he did not. What no one
Bothers. Looking. To reveal:
I tap history. To hurt:
Why couldn’t you hear me?
I have this. Ability.
And he said he knew.
And he promised he would…
Soften a strength. Set up
Without stealing a soul;
Yet stabs a broken heart.
Devoured on a shared plate.
Do you mention what you left?
Stone presence. First. I commit
To an entirety, never a chance
Of pairing. Sell me out to
Spread leg shallow.
I hope you find… you’re worth
More than a mother brings.
As I abide with the burden,
I am used
To “it”.

… and it sounds like this: