quote that

BooksByWomen added the loveliest double head-shake to my Christmas morning yesterday when I tapped into Twitter Land to see a quote of mine fired out:

“Sometimes, when you’re rapidly presented with shocking extremities… it takes everything you have to steady existence.” by @gretchen_cello

Funny how my own words circled back my way in such timely fashion. Thank you again to BooksByWomen for quoting my thoughts. You gave me goosebumps and sailor-knots in my stomach.

I love being home after too many years gone. It is the perfect way to “steady existence”.

I’m sitting in a glass house at the moment, flooded with winter sun, listening to the breath of December rattle naked tree tops. Three hours from now, fifteen of us will shake the walls with the celebration of being all together.

In the meantime, I’ll keep sorting through and painting words. Quieting certain thoughts, turning up others, letting go of “goodbyes” and embracing the divinity of realities lost for too many years.

Nothing knocks you back in line like four big sisters balancing you on your feet, brushing you off, and clanging your glass to, “Thank God that’s all over with.”

Quote that.

… there will be photos. x

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