rain forest portraits and pants wetting

Considering that I’m in hardcore move mode… my brain is in the zone… pack, shelter, puppies…etc…

In order to manage this today I went for a drive through twisting roads in the rain forest. They remind me of driving summertime roads back in Connecticut and New York… a swirling up, down and everywhere strip of asphalt in the middle of a green tunnel.

It was so much fun.

Then it was time to find  a house in MELBOURNE which I’ve been p-noid over because dealing with the inspection issue can be a be-atch when you’re in another state.

Regardless of this drama… I wet my pants in excitement when I started looking at houses. Having lived in a farmhouse  where the walls don’t touch the floors for four years, you can imagine my excitement seeing things like screens on the windows… a REAL fence opposed to a two foot high chain-link that connects to three other yards.


I’ve been trying to move for long enough!! Finally things fall in place and I am dancing on my toes trying to teach the puppies to pronounce Mel-bourne.

In other news I spoke with CJ for ages today about the next ‘short film’ script I’m going to write for him. When I want to bash the feature length one at certain times, I enjoy having a side project. He’s going to shoot the zombie flick soon and is going to put one of my poetry collabs to video which will be most dope to see!

As always during ‘stress’ times involving quick motion like now… I’m cooking… a lot. I made a spinach and feta pie tonight with roast garlic, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, and Kalamata olives. Oh and I baked a chocolate cake that I whipped up a topping for with some passion fruit off the vine in the back…


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