shout out shenzhen

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Today I would like to send a special shoutout to Shenzhen, China. While I have not (yet) had the chance to travel to China, it has always been on the list. Particularly when I lived next door in Australia. However, all of my holidays back then involved traveling to New York City (naturally).

It’s always baffling to explore who on the planet we all co-habitate somehow finds my words in web land. Particularly since I cut all of my social media out of the picture. Some days I miss Instagram – however, I find that no updates outside of here seem to suit me at the moment.

This changes every six months or so, I’ll wait and see what happens.

None the less, Shoutout Shenzhen! It seems like a beautiful city that I cannot wait to explore! I’m hoping to get there┬ánext summer. I’m happy to rep Manhattan to all of my Shenzhen people checking in, so thank you all for popping by. I’m glad you like the words.

I’m going to a wedding today to see cousins who I haven’t seen in over a decade. I want to reconnect with as many relatives I can while I am here – because by this time next year, I quite possibly might be back in Australia. I’ve had my eye on Melbourne the past few days.

Heartbreak usually makes me move the fastest. I left a lover when I first went to Oz in 2001, left another in Oz when I came back in 2011 – and now, after having my throat slit in a very special way, I feel like all that is left for me to do is run.

Not quite yet though, I’m still enjoying my Manhattan affair too much. She is lush.

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