shouted in meanjin quarterly blog…

Meanjin quarterly is an Australian literary journal. In the day hours of my Writer world, I write about financial like things which sometimes include budgets.

… girl’s gotta eat.

Today while budget sort topics took over Australia, Meanjin was on twitter discussing how they were not to have anything to do with such talks… unless it involved budget poetry.

After clarifying that I could get by without rhyming as initially challenged and given the go by Meanjin… I clicked some characters and tweeted away.

And later in the day I was mentioned on their BLOG

My first mention in an Aussie lit journal! I’m going to send a proper piece off to them later in the week and see what happens…

I’ve been trying to work two day jobs and do my writing. I’m not sure how I’ve swung this in the past but it must conclude. It’s making me feel burnt out and ick and wreaking havoc on Writing time.

And I’ve been doing a lot of daydreaming lately… which is always the best time to spill syllables…

My budget poem to @meanjin

“how is sustainable / exchange, a way / to expend a life. / deep. inside. pockets. / talk about price. / i break cost every time…”


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