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First of all, Sia: Chandelier

… you’re welcome.

Last night over Shiraz with my girlfriend, she put me onto Sia. Apparently Sia is from Australia, I can’t lie – I never heard of her the nine years I spent living there, but I live a deliberately sheltered existence in many ways.

IMG_2182Which sounds peculiar considering I live in midtown Manhattan… I digress.

Chandelier by Sia is my currently favorite song. This usually changes every two or three days, but for today, I’m totally about it.

I particularly like how strange Sia is. She apparently doesn’t like to face cameras during performances and there was a bit of chat about it after she performed this track on some talk show facing the wall.

The more popular video clip has a little girl jumping around in a leotard making faces. I prefer the one with the words and invisible creature.

I like my music like my poetry. I want it to make me feel totally overwhelmed. Sia’s pipes on this track, along with the smart language makes me feel overwhelmed. It’s IMG_2177fabulous. I like remembering I have a heartbeat after it was slaughtered by a vacant soul drifting somewhere in the southern hemisphere, years ago. The only line I don’t like is “here comes the shame”, which linguistically I would suggest “here comes the shade”. No shame in my game Sia, just sayin.

So like I was saying, Shiraz. Sometimes you just need your girlfriends for a hot second. We clanged glasses and cackled loudly while my girl made a list titled “Gretchen’s Husband” with a stack of qualities that shan’t be repeated. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

Then we did yoga in my living room to Chandeleir on repeat. Turns out it’s a really dope yoga track.

Happy Wedensday Blog Tribe.

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