so far so good

I’ve been sticking with the whole 2000 words a day thing. It seems to be making sense so far. Although I am certain to have at least three or four books in the mix – it’s just about piecing chunks into the first.

The exercise reminds me of things I love about writing. Words seem like puzzles, only they don’t fit just one way. You can create literally anything you can imagine with them once you find the right direction. They can be soft like petals or hard like bullets.

Regardless of if I ever make a dollar off of a book, I think I’m finally in a position where I can start stashing cash to construct an Ashram. It’s nice having a cheap “hobby”I am easily entertained flipping through dictionaries and pushing feelings into pages. 

Working through the novel brings me back to the emotion behind my voice in fiction pieces. It’s fascinating to read the fluctuations sorting through content from a roughly seven year period. 

I took a break around midnight and made pizza dough. I ate Chinese food, had a glass of red from a local New York winery, a(nother) cup of coffee and went back to work.

16,000 into the exercise. So far so good.

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