SoleGC, a crew of Artists, a night for Writers

In the company of SoleGCand a gathering of Writers and all things creative, last night kicked off the first official WRITERS NIGHT I am hosting in conjunction with Bananafish Magazine.

The purpose of the night is to gather Writers to share work, network, inspire, love, create, and be surrounded by other language  Artists and appreciators. With no cover charge.

Last night we succeeded doing this and it was an honor to host a crowd of such talented, supportive, switched on cats who leant in close at the sound of each word delivered and stood up and danced during a live Hip Hop performance with freestyles that still have my head spinning.

… and I wore insanely high heels.

From here forward the night will be in two sections, first half being a cappella readings. Last night we had stand up, stories, and poetry.

Second half we bring in beats and MCs. Lyrics offer significant contribution to word love. Many Writers are also MCs and freestyling is really an Art in itself.

So that’s the new format! It was HOT! Mr Loupos shot a video for us that I anxiously await! BRING ON NEXT WEEK!

In other news, novel is spilling from my fingers in fabulous ways. Using an iPad to write with at the moment has given my wrists a well deserved rest from gripping a pen or banging on my notebook.

Viva inspiration!

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