standing for itself. six figure spin.

I had three interviews today blog family. After recent difficulties readjusting to another Aussie foray, I pulled my head in, put on my grown-up clothes (once again) and hit the streets.

Some of us may recall how I recently scored a job and had it ripped from under me slapping a somewhat murky layer of disenchantment to recent employment chasing activities. Granted the whole saving two lives thing was a decent enough excuse for getting played out of a contract, as we’ve all seen – I had an ugly few days.

Not only did I have three interviews today, they were all Writer jobs. It was the first time people said things to me like, “Well, your portfolio pretty much stands for itself,” and “We have this that and this… but what we need is someone like you, we need a Writer.”

I got a job my posse of supporters and worshipers of all things love-like! So long as I can sit tight for a few weeks I will have more than enough bread to get me back to NYC beating down the doors of publishers in no time with a re-vamped book and skin thicker than ever!

I’m going to be getting paid so much at my next gig that it nearly makes me suspicious… paid to WRITE!!! I start in two weeks-ish which gives me time to full-time book it out with no “You’re broke!” gremlins biting my toes.

YO! I reckon things might be starting to get interesting all over again…

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