sunshine scampers. rooftop swim.

I am presently back in the land of Brisbane blog family. I rocketed away for a 48 hour escape to twirl with my Queensland people who are doing an amazing job at holding me up.

For those unfamiliar with a Melbourne to Brisbane trip, I usually say it’s like traveling from New York to Florida. I left grey sky winter for a short sunny stay up north.

Since I don’t sleep, I crawled out bed far too early this morning and went for a rooftop swim. I floated on my back and stared at the sky. I thought about art.

I’m about to tend to a few townly tasks before enjoying a day of strolling. I have blank pages and pens and a lot on my mind. Private things I guess. Things that structured sentences can’t really capture so I’m going to try to paint them in poetry.

Short and sweet today… I suppose I’m feeling a bit quiet. I’m fortunate to be spending time with people I love. They know how to shake me back to my regular wobble.

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