super storm schmuper storm

I had today off today too!

You know, I don’t really have beef with this whole “sub-tropical storm” thing. I spent yesterday, and today, drinking herbal tea, watching branches blow and patting the puppies. I even did job-work because in our blessed age of Internet world, logging in is always in fingertips’ reach.

All of the subways, trains and buses are essentially kaputt at the moment. It looks like I might be bussing it over the bridge tomorrow… although another working-from-home day could be in store. I didn’t even lose power. I did, however, wake up four times in the night to look out of my open window and muster a few, “Damn”s. But besides that, it’s been pretty low-key.

The puppies aren’t crazy about the rain. I wrote a few hurricane stories. I baked cookies and made tacos. Things you do when the land of outside is deserted.

Along with inhaling wind and defining new tones of silent. Super storm schmuper storm… a four day weekend was certainly in order. Even if I have to swim to work tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “super storm schmuper storm

  1. So glad you are safe and I say another work from home day is in order 🙂 I could go a cookie right now, it would be perfect with my coffee. XX

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