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my birthday. the conclusion.

This one’s a bit late… I know…

So. The conclusion of my birthday involved many components. Here are the top three.

1. Vodka lime and sodas poured in pint glasses at The Duplex  Continue reading

my birthday part one

I just want everyone to rest assure that my birthday celebrations have officially set off in Australia and a few other token locations around the globe. Continue reading

machete, beer garden, indian food, etc


Although I have missed my beloved New York City for seven years worth of birthdays… yesterday made up for it.

We kicked off with the new slasher flick Machete which, in the name of gore, gets five stars on a four star scale. Yup. That’s what happens when bodies get diced less than sixty seconds into a movie… it RULED! Continue reading


It’s 3.25am

I mentioned briefly yesterday, I take birthdays pretty seriously. Considering that in a few hours I will be tearing up the city with a few of New York’s finest… I needed to get a few things done first.

I sat outside in the pitch black kiss of early autumn and drew in the atmosphere until I had to steady myself on a dimly glowing tree. I paid attention to my heartbeat and promised to be a bit easier on it this year.

I listened to this: Continue reading

happy birthday puppies

You heard everyone! The puppies are three today. They have been scampering around my feet since they were eight weeks old. Today’s entry is a photo blog in honor of Henry and Lily… family members / cult mascots…

Continue reading

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