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pretty toes… put me on a plane already…

Summer in New York City makes you paint your toes pretty and spray yourself with scents like frangipani or mango. It encourages you to decorate your face with brightly rimmed shades and drape your limbs in linen to warmly brush your skin during a twilight breeze.

I nearly lost it yesterday blog family. I hyperventilated over my suitcase and yapped at the puppies, “It isn’t long enough! Three weeks isn’t enough TIME!”

I stayed up far past my bedtime vowing to undo everything I’m trying to sort out to ensure a permanent shift to Manhattan at the end of the year. I buried my face in my pillow mumbling irrationalities such as, “I’m quitting my job tomorrow. I’m never coming back to Australia again. It’s too much. It’s all just far too much!”

But I like my job. Some of my favorite humans roam this land. And in the scope of real world discussion – I really don’t have a single “problem” worth mentioning. Continue reading

exploring the world… pretending there’s no goodbye…

Chris leaves tomorrow but we’re not discussing it. Instead we’re pretending goodbye isn’t twelve hours away… and we’re on our way out to the drag bar in really cute outfits.

Video is being compiled…

I’ve explored more of my neighborhood with Chris over the past two weeks than I have since getting back to Australia in November. The main reason for this, between you and I, is that usually when left to my own devices down here with no one around and nothing to do but trip over my books and panic about not being in New York City… I lock myself up a bit. Depression does that I guess. You spend a fair amount of time staring at walls and breathing in odd patterns. Continue reading

when you can’t get to nyc


I have been super spoiled this week indulging in the company of one of my favorite people in the Universe and senior cult affiliate CHRIS!!!

As our loyal readers recall, my New York City summer was spent with my companion Chris who put me up in casa a la Queens while I finished my poetry book.

Perhaps you remember him from here or here or hereContinue reading

fun in flushing

I spent yesterday running around Flushing with Chris. I paid one dollar for three pairs of socks and ate delicious crunchy baby greens at one of the zillion amazing restaurants in the Main Street area.

I wound up in Cony Island drinking local beers and weaving in and out of Halloween shows. I went on scary rides, was chased by scarecrows, and went through two different Haunted Houses. Continue reading


I woke up this morning, fired up the notebook, and literally repeated ‘job job job job job…’

Shortly after, I put on a very pretty dress and hit the streets with fabulous family member Chris whose couch is serving as the coziest nest during my transition into NEW YORK CITY!!

We rocked up at a joint that had an ad on craigslist for walk-in applicants interested in waiting tables at a bakery-ish coffee-like place. So less than 24 hours after arriving in Queens… I got  a JOB!! Continue reading

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