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boys in the back

February 15, 2018 Posted by the writer

girls in the front


i am from

October 6, 2013 Posted by the writer

My darling sister Siki sent me the prompt “I am from…” a few days ago.

After a few days of stirring, meditating, wandering around and dreaming, I sat down with hot coffee this morning and wrote some fresh words. Thank you Siki for including me in the exercise, such a lovely phrase to begin with!

in order to be part of

“I am from…” was heard quietly. Leaves rustling. Harp strings. Distant.IMG_0085

You turn to another reflection pool, similar in shades of indigo and gold as all of the others you’ve seen. Every one.

You never considered where they were from, too encompassed by being part of such subtle ripples. Rolling shapes that flatten faster than they are formed. The constant motion of water.

It’s what you never doubted belonging to. (more…)

love me, love me not

July 10, 2012 Posted by the writer

I had a ripper Friday blog family. I realize it’s Monday and I’m just bringing it up now…

But damn.

I think most of our cult would agree, we always notice fellow Earth dwellers who surround us during times of crazy-likes. During my Friday time of crazy-like, I had the most wonderful telephone conversation with my west coast writer, artist and passionate fellow creator, Rick Menace of Infinite Time Pieces. (more…)

Also known as: 20/04/2012

May 8, 2012 Posted by the writer

As we look around
reverberations through the years

Might days
A place or time
counting back to start

To start
is the absence
of life beginning

– T.D.S

felt thoughts . where . yes

May 4, 2012 Posted by the writer

Namaste blog tribe

Can you believe it’s been over two weeks since I’ve shared anything other than poetry? Me? The daily blog-ette…

Something must be up.

In the middle of “something” being up. Sleepless nights. A lot of kissing. Love. Novel. Amazing job. New York City. Chaos. Tears. Spring. Bouncing.

I received a poem from a brother of mine…

“Felt Thoughts”

I read your thoughts and think.
You are the definition of soul searcher:
non stop, to the top, uncompromising of beliefs in one self.
I called you a sensual thinker cause “you” arise the thoughts of a
passionate speaker.
Lift as you may, arousal.
The speck of injustice of writers-not willing-to sell out —
for one feel you.
I read a journey of a young lady, turning womenhood with all fascination;
grown in a self experience of the day.
I salute your dedication to the writers.
I respect your search for your truth.
I value our friendship, as a meant connection.

“May we make history”

Many cult affiliates have likely read collaborations between Rick and I. What will one day be referred to as our “early work”.

He reached me today as my tired head shook side to side at work that I love but takes full advantage of me… I worked 16 hours a day three days in a row this week.

Dear Rick

I love you. Thank you for being “you” and reminding me who “we” are.

To the Writers…

Always yours

gretchen cello.

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