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serialized. three of seven

July 26, 2011 Posted by the writer

Clara has sought many places to go deeper. More than crystal streams and woven baskets. Wherever she looks lately, she finds an extra thread.

Like everything else, her memory does not seem to be what it once was.

What do you see?

People have different theories about what happens when you die. Lyla was brave enough to test them in a new way.

“Cover my eyes. I’ll hold my breath.”

The attraction of seeking how close you can get. The compulsion to let it go too far.

“What happens then?”

“That depends on how long I can hold it for.”

Clara was still until Lyla’s skin grew cold. Long after her shoulders molded like stone within the small space they used to roll to symbolize life. It was after her deflated diaphragm weighed down the shell she was determined to destroy. (more…)

serialized. two of seven.

July 25, 2011 Posted by the writer

She arrives at a cottage surrounded by pine trees that smells like chimney smoke. She does not consider intention’s involvement with this destination. A dusty window reveals a near empty room. There is a stool, a bench, a basket and a bookshelf.

Initially she does not enter.

Clara strolls the perimeter of the small stone structure. There is a rocking chair on the front porch beside a potted plant and bouquet of orange chrysanthemums. She reaches for the flora with a yearning to touch life.

The texture of green stems and soft petals pressed closely to her chest is the best secret she can imagine. This seems to reveal everything.

Clara knows a lot of secrets. Not the sort to share.

The type to keep.

Her squinting focus swears the chair’s rockers roll before her eyes. She assumes if he was there, he would hold her and sway in a similar motion. Swing just slightly enough to offer the breeze a chance to bite the hem of her dress and remind her of being alive.

She enters the cottage through a red doorway.

Clara is balancing on a stained wooden bench looking upward through holes in the roof. The sky is changing. Sheets of charcoal with edges of indigo ribbons. Bursts of violet. Tangerine longing. (more…)

serialized. one of seven.

July 24, 2011 Posted by the writer

They say the answer comes naturally if you ask when you sleep. Not before. Not after.


She regains focus with a name on her lips. Wrapped in lace. It is something uncommon. Something she wants to speak without knowing to who.

No conception.

The viridescent realm of her barefoot travel was scented with young flowers and fresh rain. (more…)

a week with jessica tremp

July 23, 2011 Posted by the writer

Jessica Tremp is amongst the finest soon-to-be-discovered artistic talent in all of the land: from New York City to Melbourne. Amongst her array of breathless creative expression is her photography. She also makes a mind-blowing fondue and her shimmying skills sway circles around any other.

This week of posts is a dedication to Jessica’s magnificent work and the ways it makes our world better. Starting tomorrow, every day will feature a different one of her photographs accompanied my humble words. (more…)

difference of out loud

March 31, 2011 Posted by the writer

I have been very blessed to write with the insanely talented Rick Menace on a few occasions. As our next project, the two of us have been planning on mixing words and beats for a long time coming.

When I say a long time, I’m talking months. It’s funny. A lot of people tend to say, “We should do this…” or “How about we…” and never come through. Since I met Rick, I’ve recognized him as family. And although my head and earthly life get kicked from here to high hell – he never gives up on me. His patience and unconditional love toward me remind me of the benefits of a human incarnation.

I can’t wait for the product of our next production.

I spent time tonight reading my work and recording my voice. One edit only – no second takes. (more…)

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