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what makes me.

August 4, 2012 Posted by the writer

I escaped to my parents’ for the weekend. These country dips to visit the creatures that created yours truly are half of whyI left Australia to come back to New York City.

All kinds of insanity has happened in the past 10 months since I’ve returned to the land of USA. Three of my four sisters stopped speaking to me, I had the craziest nervous breakdown of this life so far and I’ve had to readjust to a hemisphere I abandoned in 2002 because it simply became too much. (more…)

off to frolic

June 16, 2012 Posted by the writer

Namaste blog tribe

Tim and I are packed and prepared for a 24-hour Connecticut frolic. Both of us are still somewhat astonished by the fact that we grew up around the corner from each other. When we leave the city to run around in the same forests we both did as kids – uniquely magical things occur.

Words are pouring from pens and clicking into keys. Poetry: Volume Three will be ready on time. Life is a refreshed shade of wonderful.

I’m still shaken by the amount of existence that has been compressed into the past ten months. I haven’t been back in the States for a year yet… and my entire life has reshaped.

My writing seems to be following suit. Stories once traveling east have veered west, screenplays are being considered and prose pour daily.

It’s somewhat foreign to be settling into a life where I’m not out of my mind chasing something. Such as a gallop from Australia to Manhattan, for example.

I adore and am appreciative of every second. And there’s so much more time to write…

Alas, I think I’ll conclude work for a few sets of hours. I’m going to run around barefoot amongst my parents’ acre in the country and celebrate Father’s Day tomorrow with the best Daddy ever.

I hope your weekend is filled with granted wishes.


my memorial day

May 27, 2012 Posted by the writer

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the States, the first long weekend of the summer.

I elected to hide in the forest over the weekend. Thus far, it’s proving to be most perfect. Everything is electric green from recent showers; I’ve been spending time with the family still speaking to me since my wedding; and I’m thoroughly enjoying a minute out of midtown.

I think we walked about five miles today. So much in fact that when we departed for our final excursion the neighbors across the street commented, “That’s your fourth walk today.”

I’ve had, and enjoyed, lots of thinking time over the weekend. Heaps of laughing time. And a bit of writing time.

July 1st will be my official move from midtown to uptown. The puppies are gearing up to arrive around July 7 – it’s all quite, very much unbelievably exciting.

I always sleep better in the house I grew up in for some reason. There are thunderstorms outside at the moment. I’m going to dream about stories with the windows open.

Viva long weekends!

photo pieces

February 5, 2012 Posted by the writer

These are a few photo pieces of my weekend. The escape was much required and as always, I praise Goddess for our cult. One can never have enough love or laughter – and I had heaping serves of both over the past 48 hours.

We all know how I rant about detoxing and tomorrow sets off the latest stint. While my body is looking forward to heaps of fresh juices, a bit of extra sleep, and some type of facial I must get around to booking – my head is working with other messages. These sound like, “You missed January this time around, February is just a good time as ever to be a bit easier on these bones of yours.”

With regard to the secret boiling blood as of late, I won’t know anything this week for sure. The week of Valentine’s Day is when I might receive some word. So I’ll keep on with the puppies mantra, they belong here. So as long as I keep chanting songs to contribute to their early arrival, it should be on.

I’m shivering about something… I think it’s book. I’ll keep on with that direction.

After being ick for so long, it’s refreshing to hear my thoughts return. Instead of whispering sad things about what’s behind, I’m starting to hear happy things about what’s ahead. This is what I’m going to keep focussing on as I clack book.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend blog family!




January 30, 2012 Posted by the writer

As I have ranted about of recent, last Monday I was interviewed by my new friend Patrick for his podcast project: MyNY.


I’m in love with FollowMeToNYC being featured on MyNY … SUCH an honor.

I talk a lot about inspiration in these parts. Patrick is inspiring. The two of us connected on Instagram and within a week were sitting in my apartment chatting about writing, australia, new york city and so many other things.

I hope you all enjoy our conversation, and that you continue to enjoy his program every week.

And thank you again Patrick!! Love.

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