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on the up

I’m pulled together. I had a few teary days and moderate brain malfunctioning… all sorted. I wonder if people are less emotional than me or just not as blatant about it. Continue reading

fishing, fire, and free verse

Yesterday it was apparently 3 degrees F outside (-16C). Considering that I have been inducted into the clan of bad-ass ice fishers since my attendance at the derby last week… I spent the afternoon once again out on the ice. Continue reading

… a view from a who?

One of my sisters cracked shit at me the other day because I hadn’t heard of A View From A Bridge. Then she had the balls to say ‘You call yourself a WRITER and you haven’t heard of A VIEW FROM A BRIDGE?!’ Continue reading

why i don’t want to be a web designer

I spent a good portion of my morning staring blankly at WordPress wondering how to do certain things with my site. Continue reading

exercise and julia schmoolia

I woke up this morning and seriously didn’t feel like writing a poem. However, I’m one of those people that tries to get anything I don’t feel like doing out of the way first thing… before daily distractions start to intervene. Continue reading

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