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settle. learn. scribble.

August 20, 2016 Posted by the writer

IMG_6055Alright. I think it’s officially sunk in that I was recently whisked away on an escapade to Italy for a week of utter bliss and incomparable romance. My relationship with the luthier has essentially evolved beyond language.

I’m settling into life, it’s strange. I still have itchy feet and tend to be short with my spoken words – alas, my world is entirely different. Like, everything is completely different.

I was trying to explain this to my besty David last night. He reckons I’m dreary and that I should be in all of my literal glory at the moment. I don’t think I’m dreary, I’m adjusting. I forgot what being happy was like. (more…)

freedom dancing. shake it.

December 30, 2013 Posted by the writer

Ever since I abruptly stopped being shitty, in addition to writing more and creating more art, I’ve been dancing more. I rearranged my apartment on Saturday to make it more dance-party friendly. I’m considering an impromptu New Year’s Eve Party.

I do live in Times Square, after all.

IMG_0422#1Anyways, after rearranging my place Saturday morning, David came over to celebrate the new dancing space. We dropped it hot crazy to Nicki  Minaj and Cassie.

Any girl who does not love Nicki either a) is a die-hard Lil Kim fan (respect) or, sadly b) a sucker fool.

There are woman around the world, a majority, in fact, that are insanely oppressed. They can’t drive a car or pursue a certain type of career. In extreme cases, they can’t even walk down the street without being attacked.

A lot of woman in liberated countries do not have any idea how fortunate they really are. Anyways. All that’s heavy for a Monday morning.

Go shake your ass blog family… stay blessed. Spread it.

The boys al-ways spendin all their money on love.


holding up. standing up.

January 19, 2012 Posted by the writer

Yesterday I was visited by one of my favorite people, president of our cult board – David.

Since I still can’t walk at the moment, I have been very spoiled with visitors coming to check in on me this week.

David and I giggled and gabbled, clanked wine glasses, and generally loved each other. Then we started talking about the pile of notebooks I am still due to go through. Our general consensus?

“Damn. That’s a lot of books.”

Buried in the pile I found an old joke book that I filled sometime during my nine year Australian excursion.

And you know what blog family? Some of the jokes are pretty funny…

From 2001 – 2002 I was doing sets two or three times a week. My favorite place remains Comic Strip Live, probably because that’s where I took my first comedy writing course. Also because it’s the home of D.F. Sweedler who is another one of my favorite people, though it has been too long between catch-ups.

There’s an open mic at Comic Strip tomorrow. I’m not sure if I’ll be ready for that one… but maybe I’ll be ready for the one that’s on Tuesday. As I continue to settle and feel better, I’m remembering my life ten years ago before I decided to go live another one for a decade. Stand-up was fun… and I reckon I could use a bit more of that.

Exciting stuff blog family!! Today I shall extract five minutes from my joke book and prepare to grab a microphone next week!

Thank you David for listening to my paragraphs of sillies and helping sort out the “Yup keep that one, lose that one… HA! DEFINITELY keep that one!”

… exciting!!


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