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how many days. looks like.

January 13, 2015 Posted by the writer

Namaste blog tribe

So a few days ago I was all “I need to blah-g every day” and then I got into writing IMG_7749poetry a bit and THEN I started hitting novel keys and suddenly two days went by and I was like, “Fuck. Remind me how I was in an office for 12 years, again?”

The fact that I worked Wall Street corporate aside, offices, in general, to me – are no bueno. The whole hunched over glowing screen in between moving from table to desk. This chair to that one…

It’s just not good for you.

I also don’t think it’s good working on someone else’s clock. On my own schedule, I wake up around 4/4.30am and go to sleep at 9. Considering I get to work from home now, it’s even better since those earliest hours are my most productive.

Don’t get me wrong, I have worked in some of the most beautiful offices in Manhattan and Melbourne. That doesn’t mean I want to be there eight hours a day.

IMG_7729I got a text message from one of my best mate’s earlier that said: So, I thought you were on holidays. Apparently, you moved and didn’t tell anyone.

I suppose in a way I did. I have to re-tally my moving statistics. It’s wonderful to be able to focus exclusively on my creative work, in between patting the llama and cuddling with goats.

The book is going sharp and bite-y. Just how I prefer it. Goddess willing this one will be done by the end of this New England winter.

I haven’t even mentioned how freezing it is…

ps. apologies for photo sharing delays lately. i’ve developed a love/hate relationship with patchy service.

back to the farm

January 6, 2015 Posted by the writer

I came back to the farm today. Considering I’ve been here less than a month, arriving was as surreal as the first day that I discovered this paradise pocket. (more…)

day four… inter-weak.

January 4, 2015 Posted by the writer

IMG_7340Today is my fourth consecutive post, which really isn’t a big deal after the previous 1000-ish, but it still makes me feel good. It’s nice to get back into something I once was all about and see where it takes me.

However, doing this in the middle of glorious nowhere-ville in the realm of (wait for it) PATCHY INTERNET! is something that I have been dummy spatting over for the past few days.

Naturally, I assumed that relocating to a 35 acre farm two hours north of my Manhattan nest would require a few adjustments…


I’ve been essentially city-wenching it for the past 13 years. Sure, I dealt with no service cruising through the outback back in Australia – that was only in between my way to various cities.

The reason I didn’t post photos yesterday is that my Internet speed of today just won’t agreeably upload.

I’m not trying to sound like the cliche, pretentious “boo hoo I can’t Facebook” chick or anything. I’m aIMG_7491 resourceful person. I’ve got a solution in the mix…

The good thing about restricted Internet, is that I have tons of free writing time since I’m not clicking away into my next web-tunity. Still, I can’t lie, I love communicating with people all around the globe and sharing experiences in a way that simply wasn’t invented when I was a little girl.

I’m thankful for that every day. It’s part of the way that, minus my web-speed-wah, I managed to relocate from Hell’s Kitchen to a farm, nearly a week ago now, without batting an eye much otherwise.

As much fun as I have with electronics, they don’t soothe me like mountains. In hindsight, I guess patchy internet isn’t too bad…

a year of every day

January 2, 2015 Posted by the writer

Sometimes, when I think back to the first three years of building this wordly landIMG_7321 I’ve created – it amazes me that I was diligent enough to post every day.

This year, I reckon I’ll have another crack. The only thing to ever inhibit daily posting was emotional imbalance brought on by life’s harder blows.

I don’t really have any hard blows at the moment… I’m essentially in a Writer’s Paradise with a collection of furry creatures that enjoy eating apples out of my open palms.

If you’ve never fed a thoroughbred before, do try if you get a chance. And I’m still swooning over the lap pig I’ve been spending my early mornings with.

There is a true essence in not chasing anything, simply just residing. Before now, I’ve never had the opportunity to do that. Earlier today, the joy of skipping through the woods with clippers and cleaning up trails for fellow explorers took me back to my happiest childhood years.

IMG_7356Two years ago I was reeling from a hideous breakup. Two months ago I was sitting at board tables writing scripts for people with multi-million dollar salaries. Today, I’m on thirty-something acres beneath a sky that seems bluer than I recall.

I’m embracing the position I’m in. After less than a week of being where I am, working outside and writing my heart out – my olive skin tone is a shade deeper from the winter winds; the curl in my long, thick hair is expanding its wave; and the green of my eyes is shimmering at the idea of future spring months, when I’ll plant gardens and wander around barefoot.

I’ll be back to tell you more tomorrow…

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