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a snowy sea of smiles

IMG_0178This is the last time I was happy, February 2012. After that, things all went pear-shaped again while I continued to fight the good fight and find a place for myself in this town.

I’m proud to report that three weeks have gone by now, nearly three, and I haven’t felt unsteady or crash-like. The way I put it to my best friend in Colorado over the weekend was IMG_0154that “I feel suspiciously happy.” Then we talked about how someone possibly put a curse on me for a minute… but that’s another story.

I write a lot about how human interactions can slap around a life to the degree where it’s not quite the experience we’d prefer. I also weave in some pleasantries from time to time. Continue reading

food. candles. peanut.

Namaste blog tribe

IMG_3398I got in a huge fight with one of my sisters last week and we aren’t going to talk anymore. I was upset about it, which is why I dipped out of Internetville for a few days.

What’s really stupid is she’ll read this post and complain about it to her “friends”, but she won’t call to me to apologize. I guess this is one of the downsizes of our digital age.

I digress. And besides, since ending up on my shrink’s couch again a few weeks ago – I’m trying to focus less on things I have no control over, which is mainly people who act like wankers, and more on the happy things in life – like my dog and good food.IMG_3371

Therefore , I’ve been focussing on pleasing Peanut. I bought her a pink frisbee which quickly claimed first spot of favorite toys. I realize still I haven’t really recovered from losing Henry too soon – but I’m trying.

I cooked a lot of delicious things this week, like I do when all else fails. I hid in dark corners of New York City lounges and beat keys on my notebook.

The book is coming along… oh… it’s coming.

The weather finally warmed up enough to rock a spring dress one day last week. Here in New York, we’re anxiously awaiting some signs of global warming after six months of shit-house winter.

I’m betting on sunny days soon. I think my brain has been adequately shaping a few.


old fashion. food. words.

DSCN4625I have been reading reading reading lately.

I also bought a new hat this weekend, and a pretty dress… and I gulped an old fashion.

Deliciousness all around blog family! Continue reading

when all else fails cook

I’ve mentioned before that I cook to avoid stress. Last night I made a spinach, pumpkin and feta lasagna with a roasted red pepper sauce.

It’s really a paradox that I cook when I’m in energy-overload because I don’t really have an appetite. So the whole thing works out to be a tease to a degree.

However, once the house starts smelling like roasting garlic and sizzling olive oil – life immediately simplifies.

Red wine also helps. Continue reading

food and words

Growing up in a house of seven people with a Euro-mix mother, food was a basically the centre of my universe. As a kid, life is pretty much based around the next time you’re getting presents and/or special food.

That said, I never cooked anything until I was married. Being single and living alone in New York City means you never, ever have to cook… sigh, NYC how I miss thee… Continue reading

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