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my first trick or treaters

The last three Halloweens have been hectic. For example, Exhibit A and Exhibit B of village shenanigans – and the ever so popular double whammy parties of 2009.

I consider Halloween to be extra special for many reasons. This year, I walked three miles to work (since Sandy ate the subway), three miles back… and then I had to take Henry to the vet again. Settling into another country hasn’t been a simple task for my poor little baby.

I know the feeling.

So I came home a bit glum that this Halloween wasn’t quite holding a candle to my last three… when something completely surreal dawned on me.

Trick or treaters. Continue reading

halloween in new york city

What better occasion to conclude the latest (and largest!) nervous breakdown to date. I love you blog family, I’m fully over-timing on getting it together. Here’s to the next 780 posts on FollowMeToNYC (though probably not consecutive…)

Sponsored by your New York City cult collective. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I’ve missed you, you know. x Continue reading

how New York City does halloween

Sometimes all you need is a night out with the cult. I’ve had two in a row now… Dig how New York City does HALLOWEEN!! Best night EVER!!

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! divine intervention.

Happy Halloween my delicious cult of wonderfulness! After a miserably failed attempt to spend all of yesterday feeling bad for myself, I had the best evening ever. I’ve come across so many soul circle members during this particular New York City mission, it has been amazing. Continue reading

halloween… the remix

The fact that I’ve missed Halloween for the six years preceding 2009 was completely redeemed in a100_1285 fabulous back to back weekend of dope parties. The whole Friday night to Saturday night thing (30-31st) AND the fact that daylight savings got set back adding an EXTRA HOUR onto Halloween… who could ask for more? Seriously. Continue reading

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