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the summer that burned me

August 1, 2014 Posted by the writer

the summer that burned me

hibernating. to protect from outside
weather. a fast season of summer came
with sandy gold locks and violet blue eyes.
convincing me temperatures stay the same.
winter petals clenched. drooping to the floor. (more…)

mandatory retreat

July 30, 2014 Posted by the writer

mandatory retreat

You show up unannounced again, three days after I say I can’t see you anymore and six weeks after we meet. I would have told you not to come. But you caught me off guard, like the day I first saw you.

There are things that I do and things that I have done that you will never know. It’s why you can’t keep coming here. It’s why I never should have agreed to see you twice.

You think things about me that are not true. I order my fourth drink during our third dinner together and you say, “Man, I can’t drink like that, especially not on a weeknight.” (more…)

directions of destruction

July 27, 2014 Posted by the writer

directions of destruction

i cut my wrist. vertical. crashing. slay.
horizontal. a lay down way to say
these are the ways that i hurt myself. pay.
choking descriptions of “it’s a bad day”.
i am telling you what i never speak. (more…)

sia times two

July 24, 2014 Posted by the writer

Lately when I obsess over a new music act, I end up finding a slew of tracks to fill my days with. Like during my recent Moto Boy and Allen Stone tangents, for example. Sia has proven no different. After my Chandelier rant yesterday, I went to work and listened to the whole album – which is how I came across Elastic Heart.

This is the song you want to scream in your ex’s face after you’re let down, again. I’d definitely like to scream it in my first husband’s face. He really deserves that. (more…)

impulse ignition

July 21, 2014 Posted by the writer

impulse ignition

i wrote. poetry. for and about him.
too far to speak. i metered emotion.
off switch. flick. let’s live like there’s no within.
like my heart un-heavy, my song unsung;
desire to explain an… impossible. (more…)

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