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extending essense

March 18, 2018 Posted by the writer

extending essense

my last year
stuck. to me
how (eye) use – you
we never would
lined (up)
tell me
a –
gain. tell me

when you love the hit

May 20, 2016 Posted by the writer

Well, another lover burned to the ground. This time, it was all over words.

IMG_3279When you are a born Writer, and like, have never done anything but process life in characters essentially since inception – you pay attention to what people say. Especially when you’re fucking them.

My boyfriend said three really shitty things in less than a seven day period.

And I snapped.

Blog tribe that’s been in my crew since this page started in 2009 know that I am a generally, relaxed and peaceful creature. Also, I will do anything for anyone. If you need something in my power to provide, have it. Just try not to rob me.

I feel like Brooklyn robbed me. It took me out of my life and put this gorgeous Italian man in front of me and literally took me for a ride.

I hate that.IMG_2923

When I was boohooing to my favorite sister yesterday over this, I made the additional claim that the best thing to me about any relationship is the Art it creates.

I’m not sure how true that is. I always say I’m in love with being in love, but I don’t reckon that is what recently occurred. I think I actually met someone I sincerely cared about, and once again was sent reeling.

When the last one and I first met, we talked about how neither of us could be hurt by the other, because we’ve both been fucked over so hard already – the encounter was already somewhat insignificant.

In any event, I spent five weeks in love with Anthony. And between you and I, it was honestly my favorite so far.

I’m grieving. I’m going to dye my hair silver today. Love to you, yours and ours blog tribe. Stay blessed. Even when the rest is impossible.



May 18, 2014 Posted by the writer

#myNYPD : a two-part short story
dedicated to every victim of police brutality, based on a true story.

On March 09, 2014, she received the news that a best friend of hers, in Chile (where she resided from 2002 – 2011), committed suicide. Or fell. One or the other. She could email someone for more information. Except she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t cry. She looked out the window and tried to forget.

On the evening of Friday, Marchl 11, at approximately 11pm, she attended a restaurant one block away from her flat.

At the restaurant, she drank a bottle of Chilean wine, grieving her friend. She is not ordinarily a heavy drinker. It is possible she had another one or two drinks. She ordered some appetizers, olives and a salad. (more…)

why blue pearl veterinary sucks

January 8, 2014 Posted by the writer

Hudson Animal Hospital and Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners suck. Here’s why:

Most of you are aware of mangy Fronkles  – who I rescued over the summer, from a IMG_0515pound camper parked on 82nd Street.

Fronkles is the first New York City pound dog I saved. I can only imagine the conditions he was in. I never thought about mange before, because I never rescued a neglected puppy before. From the research I’e done, mange makes perfect sense. Frankie was in disgusting conditions, probably never had proper shots and had a greasy/dandruffy coat when I brought him home. I told the vets all of this. Here’s what they had to say:

The first time I went to Hudson Animal Hospital in September, to discus Fronkles’s persistent itching, they charged me $85 and said, “Give him a bath. Want to buy our special shampoo? It will cost extra. Maybe run some allergy tests? They’re like $500.” (more…)

zipcar is a PR fail

November 16, 2013 Posted by the writer

Well blog family, I heard something back after my rant RE: Zipcar ripping me off for no reason. They reached out via Twitter: Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 7.38.59 PM

I have since come to learn that Zipcar’s idea of “someone being in touch about your concerns ‘shortly'” = an innocent employee cold-dialing me 19 hours later because s/he heard that, “You wanted to talk about something…”

Me: “Ummm… not really?”

S/he: “Oh. Ok.”

Me: “Well, yeah. I guess that since I didn’t lock my rental before it was stolen.” (because, why would I in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE) that you’re going to make me pay. So… whatever. Thanks.

As a senior manager myself, with budgets of my own, the dollar sign price of a reputation is what my Zipcar rant is really all about. Zipcar would rather that I loudly declare for the rest of my life how unjust they are (which I’ll totally do because I’ve got a bad habit of grudge holding) instead of let me off the hook. So let’s get a little deeper into why Zipcar (aka Avis) is making an innocent victim like me pay them $3500 after I was robbed. (more…)

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