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gutting goodbye

November 13, 2012 Posted by the writer

gutting goodbye

24 hour tears. Fall
To a fatal force. Invisible
Collapse. Will subtracting
A feeling; No longer familiar.
Once, a love learned, stolen
And all I do is search.
To touch what will never again.
Be held. Like I held him close.

I cried a lot at work today. I’ve been saying that I have allergies. I wish it could be something so basic. I actually think I might be allergic to life. I understand death is an inevitable conclusion to existence on this planet.

I still want Henry back.

I listened to this all day. Happy Diwali.



la la la. la. la la. la la.

October 20, 2012 Posted by the writer

“the night’s still young and i’m already leanin…”

“put em up, homie.”

one thing i’m not

October 8, 2012 Posted by the writer

There are a lot of qualities of myself that I have to wear regardless of how they lack attractive. For example, I am about as patient as a truckie running four hours behind schedule and blunter than a red potato.

However, if there’s one thing I’m not – it’s a smack talker. I don’t say things that I plan to do without doing them. While providing concrete timeframes to manifest life proves challenging, I like to think I get shit done. Best we can, anyways.

I spend a lot of time in solitude. When I was living in Australia, I thought it was circumstance… living 10,000 miles from the motherland floating around the Pacific. Now that I’m plopped in the central guts of the US’s biggest city and still living in my own small world corner with two puppies nesting in my lap and words spilling from my fingers… I’ve come to appreciate my cloistered Writer’s nature. I like participating in life when necessary, and spending as much time as I can scribbling possibilities.

I’ll be relieved when Novel is done. It’s about time to add one to my portfolio. I don’t want to be a Writer that keeps talking about a novel that “isn’t finished yet.” I totally relate to every other wordsmith in that boat, but I reckon I’ve been sailing long enough. I think a novel tucked between a couple poetry books will compliment my bookshelf sweetly.


the moments in between

August 28, 2012 Posted by the writer

Is what I have been listening to ceaselessly for the past 48 hours-ish.

I do fancy some Reign of Kindo.

a visit from nathan

August 10, 2012 Posted by the writer

So I’m sitting beside an open window on a blustery New York City eve. I started a new short story. Still working on it, but it starts like this:

My therapist says I have separation issues.

Miles and I used to run around the playground. Not too near kids. Loud ones. You know the sort. Kids on soccer teams in Subarus.

Miles has three fingers on his left hand which I don’t tend to notice and I certainly never mention.

I write a lot about mental issues. I don’t say “illness”, because I’m not so sure how I feel about that term. (more…)

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