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docking destined

April 18, 2012 Posted by the writer

docking destined

I find (fragility)
Feeling. Urgency. As if
What just anyone says…
I re-learned. Pronunciation
Painting existence refreshed
Luminance. How he moves
Patterns of light
Reconnect me. With
Divinity’s directory (forever)
Across wings. Lifting –
Sailboat departure.

one thousand comments

April 3, 2012 Posted by the writer

Dear Blog Tribe

In a debatably snobbish manner, I’ve grown to be somewhat of a cult elitist. As our relationship has blossomed nearly three years strong, I find myself daydreaming about fond memories constructed over literally more posts than I have ever read back through.

True story.

Our loyal cult affiliates are quite aware of how often the gretchen cello about page changes. And I’m sure you’ve taken notice of FollowmMeToNYC’s “new look and feel”. This combination is what brought us to today’s VERY special comment leading to NUMBER 1000! Thank you very much Daniel Carter !!!

Sweet Jesus!

So dudes, I’ve decided that whoever comments on this post will receive something magic and spectacular. Terms will be negotiated after comments are tallied. I predict a PDF of recent work, perhaps.

Unpublished. Go figure…

It’s pretty bloody exciting to enter four digit comment territory!

Who’s 1001?

In other news, I love my job. I work a lot. Ten hour days. Sometimes more. When I got home today, I shimmied beside a pot of wilted daises, barefoot to this:

peace out therapy

February 1, 2012 Posted by the writer


As I continue to saddle up, pray for spring, and hustle some secret moves that I will be able to get into soon, something else worth mentioning occurred yesterday.

About fifteen minutes into my psychology session (this being visit seven) I ran out of things to talk about. So we both smiled at each other for ten more minutes, and then my beautiful doctor with a bob cut and square-toe pumps kindly stated, “You can come back in the future, any time, if you need to talk. You have my number. I don’t think we need to schedule any more appointments though. Not right now.”

I think part of why I went to therapy was to show my ex-husband he broke me. However it didn’t take the doctor long to realize… I actually don’t break. Sometimes I cry a lot though. And after crying for nearly five months, I’m as over spilling tears as everyone else is hearing about it.

Enough of all that. (more…)


January 30, 2012 Posted by the writer

As I have ranted about of recent, last Monday I was interviewed by my new friend Patrick for his podcast project: MyNY.


I’m in love with FollowMeToNYC being featured on MyNY … SUCH an honor.

I talk a lot about inspiration in these parts. Patrick is inspiring. The two of us connected on Instagram and within a week were sitting in my apartment chatting about writing, australia, new york city and so many other things.

I hope you all enjoy our conversation, and that you continue to enjoy his program every week.

And thank you again Patrick!! Love.

flavor of falling

January 16, 2012 Posted by the writer

Flavor of falling

My appreciation crumbled and rolled;
Smoked. Unlike another choice addiction
Attraction to me was never foretold;
While I keep quiet my self-inflictions
Your vocal chords spout your history’s life.
Tapping syrup without knowing I am
Maple sugar crystalized. Sweet candy
Paint across my lips. Patience. Steady. Stand.
An x-ray stare to soothe mental violence.
Responding: to this, look with sweetened words.
Losing ambivalence. Gaining intense.
Love’s composition, as you’ve never heard.
Sliding and trembling to tunes the world plays.
Swapping ideas on humanity’s game.
Allotted distaste toward notions of stay;
Just one more tally of how we’re the same.
Fear in awakening places we lack.
Flavor of falling. I’ll never go back.

And it sounds like this:

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