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fluid extinction

January 9, 2012 Posted by the writer

fluid extinction

what if. i wore
definitions of different
around my belt;
like it could hold something
up. a place of above
generic. understanding, knowledge
that you could even
conceive a chance of another.
while i bleed, justify
shared ideologies. you are
something of another
where i can finally feel
complete. ended.
as i chase
something. i cannot contact.
i extend beyond a barrier
of you ringing. out. unanswered.
weighing the wait of
my plea. my embrace. my
truth to touch what we do
not speak. silent declaration
while you shove. into another.
i ooze. a silent

om jai gange mata

December 24, 2011 Posted by the writer

I decided on the solstice that I was going to get better.

Click click click.

I’m trying to prioritize, because I’m quite busy at the moment blog family. Novel is tearing, FollowMeToNYC is hollering at me, “Sort out your CONTENT!”

Not to mention, I’m still getting used to being back in the northern hemisphere after ten years away. So the enticement of practicing my wobbly barefoot walk on cold December Earth whilst chasing packs of creatures through acreage – in between Manhattan strolling – means I stay distracted.

That’s usually when I get the most done.

This Christmas Eve I wrapped myself in layers of coat and went to the local Chinese Buffet with my parents for an early dinner.

I came home. Read. Wrote. Smiled. Scribbled. Chased the cat around.

I listened to Om Jai Gange Mata and danced beneath winter stars that I have not seen for two years.



like two ships passing in the night.

December 23, 2011 Posted by the writer

“In the night. In the night.”

My days are addictive swirls of personal and possessive. Personal is what I keep private, of course. Possessive is the excitment of conversations sounding like, “I tried to describe you… and I just couldn’t.”

There are things for me to write / say less of – and things to settle for good measure.

Truth is the only truce concept. I am bringing it in cubes, here, there – everywhere.

I hope the book is circulated for wide-reading soon.

It just keeps getting better and better.

Happy Winter Solstice northern hemisphere pixies.

i wrote a lot today

December 20, 2011 Posted by the writer

I even wrote a few chapters I’m quite fond of.


Then I lit my Christmas tree and danced to this while long wavy ropes of a mane awaiting winter thrashed violently from side to side: 2:08 to 2:32, for example.

Shout out to Italy. Mi deve imparare a parlare italiano nel 2012, così possoscrivere poesie in lingua italiana.

Back to work…

young ghetto. ill inspired.

December 19, 2011 Posted by the writer

I love me some hip hop. So when Red Cafe jumped into my head earlier – I immediately scampered over to youtube land. Which is where I came across Young Ghetto. Apparently they’re from the UK, which kind of makes me like them even more. When I was in Australia, I missed hip hop culture. I love watching it grow.

Shout out Young Ghetto. Your skills are inspiring. I’ve been listening to this all day. Clicking away.

Two of my favorite phrases:

“everybody don’t want peace. but. i got to.”

“and here on earth. they know me as a martian.”

I’ve ranted before about inspiration. Last week was not fabulous. It’s much more fun to kick off this week midnight dancing to street poetry.


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