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pushed. your pleasure.

December 13, 2011 Posted by the writer

pushed. your pleasure.

I once found a way
To love in colors. Somehow
Brighter. Then. Lampshade secrets.
He switched. Something.
What he did not. What no one
Bothers. Looking. To reveal:
I tap history. To hurt:
Why couldn’t you hear me?
I have this. Ability.
And he said he knew.
And he promised he would…
Soften a strength. Set up
Without stealing a soul;
Yet stabs a broken heart.
Devoured on a shared plate.
Do you mention what you left?
Stone presence. First. I commit
To an entirety, never a chance
Of pairing. Sell me out to
Spread leg shallow.
I hope you find… you’re worth
More than a mother brings.
As I abide with the burden,
I am used
To “it”.

… and it sounds like this:

clean up naked

December 7, 2011 Posted by the writer


As our cult collective is more than aware, Gretchen Cello copped a bit of a beating upon NYC arrival. Nothing a bit of clinical psychology hasn’t sorted out…

Love to all of the concerned members of our cozy corner at FollowMeToNYC. Over the past three months the love and support I’ve received from everyone during my, “Wait, are you kidding me?” period has been invaluable.

As our faithful audience has noticed, I stripped our local wordy wonderland from 750 posts down to about 300. Posts unpublished were selected at random. Fact of the matter is, there’s heaps more work to be done.


So with serious focus on sorting out the volumes of content amongst this site, I’m keeping on with it.

Finally I am starting to work – which is what I came here to do cult collective.

Establish myself as a Writer doing her thing in NYC.

At the moment, my work is sorting out this land we all love and adore. I’ll keep on with it. Persistence, with proper intention, can achieve anything.

This is the secret painting smiles across my lips. That, and you, of course.

Regardless of my ups, downs, rights, lefts, and struggles with Earthly complexities – the Universe has blessed me with an international clan of love who pop in every time I whisper… even when my whispers default to periods of whimper.

To the future blog family – even more bright and beaming than I ever imagined.

“I know you ain’t around, so you need to stop spittin it… You a shame now, wherever you be laying you can stay now… When I break, I break… If we were two LEGGO blocks even a Harvard University graduating class of 2010, couldn’t put us back together again. When I break, I break.”

i apologize yuh nuh ready

November 23, 2011 Posted by the writer

Dear Blog Family

Over the past three days we’ve smashed records here in the world of gretchen cello. Welcome new cult members.

Today’s post is dedicated to Tanya Stephens for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yuh nuh ready fi dis yet. Bwoy.

Oi Mr Mention
Ask Yuhself this question
Unno say unno a don man
An a unno run the program, the program

Have yuh ever stop to think wha mek a gal cheat
Have yuh ever asked her if she like all du doin
Yuh need fi check yuhself before yuh start kiss yuh teeth
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy
Have yuh ever wonder what mek a girl cum
A woman fus fi satisfy before yuhsay yuh done
Yuh caan say a thing if yuh end up a get bun
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy

Mi hear a little fool a say a him rule the world
How hima bounce Kerry and a sleep over Merle
Get yuh act together fore yuh knock another girl
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy
Di yuh even realise say woman have mood
Yuh haffi know fi handle it when gal a gwaan rude
Dats why another man a eat whole heap a unno food
Caw unno nuh ready fi
Unno nuh ready fi this yet bwoy

Most a unno full of, full of pure self praise
Hot fire dey yah but the wood naw blaze
God haffi work a miracle fi mek the dead raise
Round dem up and lock dem up di days

Man a kick back say him naah watch no face
While him woman a relax pon another man base
To how it look yah now is like him soon get replace
Him say badman nuh worry bout no petty case
So him write him name another man come erase
Dem call him Mr. Hurry cause him ever inna haste
Sometime gal haffi wonder if him did a get a chase
Him a sleep watch she a gaze inna space



they want me to quit

November 12, 2011 Posted by the writer

so i work so hard.


look, sound, and feel

October 16, 2011 Posted by the writer

Today looked at bit like this:

It sounded like this:

And it felt like this:

secular passage

and i danced
in the desert. barefoot.
far before. more than
lifetimes can capture;
the number of times
you try to keep up.
she entered. consumed.
she became. becoming.
dropped shoulder declaration.
swallowing keys. on strings.
favoring false. moth to fire.
buried beyond neck.
and while a reach
might not extend. i am holding
him and


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