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wednesday september 22

Will be our first Writers’ Night. Continue reading

cloudmachine, music, and me

Instead of editing, I’ve pretty much been writing poetry for 48 hours straight. Something about reading old poetry makes me want to write new poetry, which is part of the reason I find myself in this regular predicament.

… enough about me. Meet Cloudmachine: Continue reading

navegante. rewind to thursday.

So apparently it’s Sunday evening… I’ve been dancing in and out of various locations since Thursday night and have mamboed my way back to Queens…

While I was wandering around Thursday, I came across a free show happening in Union Square. After having my world rocked by Navegante and a friendly pixie like girl hand me a t-shirt… I had the pleasure of downloading their free four-track EP fromĀ Continue reading

departing from eyes (no longer recognised)

You know those tracks that you put on repeat for days at a time? I came across a new favorite recently. It comes from the incredibly talented Joseph Quintela. The name of the track that I can’t seem to take off repeat is The longest distance

Amongst the packing, leaving, meditating, up and downing I’ve been carrying out to these sounds and words over the weekend… I’ve written a lot of pieces that define my current state.

They’re the ones that count…

Ones like this one:

departing from eyes (no longer recognised) Continue reading

it’s raining. poetry.

It’s been raining outside for the past few days and is supposed to rain all week. I love it. Everything is scented with that delicious, cool aroma that is completely inexplicable.

Imagine being able to stay inside, listening to the rain, with no where else to be, for days at a time…

I’ve written two poems in the past 24 hours, Continue reading

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