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family formed. week off.

Over the past year, I’ve taken a total of three days off. This is a stark contrast to the four weeks of vacation I’m used to gaining as a standard job contract down under.

I don’t go back to work until Thursday. I am fortunate to have a five day weekend in place to help get the puppies settled. I must say, however, that they don’t seem to be having any issue catching up where we left off. I’ve been walking them every few hours. We found a few local places to play fetch.

It’s as if no time has gone by. Continue reading


Please forgive my absence over the past 72 hours beautiful family of blog. It has been filled with PUPPIES! Planning and preparing… airport-ing and freighting…


There really aren’t any words to express my glee. To be back at my computer, clacking away, with my two furry babies sleeping at my side brings a peace I have lacked for at least eleven months.

Picking them up at the airport yesterday was wild. Timothy and I rented a van, cruised to JFK and circled through the vast land of international freight until finally two tiny crates appeared. As soon as I was spotted, there was yelping and singing, and confusion peaked. Naturally, I ripped the crates open rapidly and to the dismay of the warehouse workers Рout shot two Staffies who were cooped up for two days. Continue reading

he might. but.

The puppies are flying from Melbourne to Sydney as we speak blog tribe. I’m pretty sure this is the part when I start throwing up all over myself.

I realize there is a special sort of insanity in flying two furry creatures over 10,000 miles back to my loving arms… but they’re my babies. I don’t reckon they’d abandon me for the opposite side of the planet, hence I never intended to bring such upon them.

… Get on the plane! Continue reading

happy birthday to ME

It’s not even 6am yet – so far I’ve already received a birthday message from my father and Timothy has sung happy birthday to me three times. He also built me a custom desk for my birthday. Now I can sit on the floor to type, and the puppies can sit in my lap as they tend to demand.

Because you know they arrive this Friday…

This is the third birthday I’ve spent in the land of FollowMeToNYC. The three year anniversary of my page is just about touchable. I guess birthdays get you thinking about stuff like anniversaries and time. I’ve had a pretty outstanding 34 years. Earth shoots ups and downs at everyone. Considering what occurs on this planet, I’ll fairly state that my time has been breezy so far and I stay grateful for that – even during sporadic blog tantrums. Continue reading

brain stuck game

Right now I’m playing a bit of the brain stuck game blog tribe. My brain is stuck on apartment and puppies. Considering that I’m expecting all of this to somehow manifest by the second week of September,just in time for my birthday, there are brain overdrive activities happening.

I always have so much fun in Queens, and after-all it was where the Writers’ Night took place. Moving to a suburb with “Sunny” in the name essentially thrills me. And there are all sorts of sevens involved which I also find appeasing – seven train, etc.

I’ve been hyperventilating so much over how moving = brokedom, I still don’t reckon my head is quite around shifting from a high-rise studio apartment to two bedroom home with a yard and all.

It’s been a fun first year back… and soon… PUPPIES!

Stay stuck brain. Our view will be changing once again, all over again, very shortly. Helps keeps the stories fresh.


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