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i thought. then i read. and you seem.

April 18, 2010 Posted by the writer

Part of being a human means you meet other humans in various circumstances. Something that intrigues me about FollowMeToNYC is the picture it paints of my life.

For the loyal cult members checking in each day… and the hardcore advisory board of crazies that have been here since we kicked off last September… many aspects of my madness and passion surfaces in these pages. (more…)

what’s written down. what’s thrown away.

April 13, 2010 Posted by the writer

As I attempt to get through the anthology, I’m realizing most of what’s included is from over the last three years. So where’s the rest?

Interesting question.

I spent many years as a strictly ink Writer. This was actually a silent protest against publishers, critics, and pretty much the rest of the world. You see, it was critical that I wrote for mySelf and no other. I still believe that once you start creating Art for other people instead of as a reflection of who You are… something gets lost.

I have no idea where all of my writing books are. I do know, however, that every writing book I’ve had pre-2002 has been thrown in the garbage by an angry Italian mother that was very unhappy when her youngest daughter moved out of the house fairly unannounced, twice.

Ok completely unannounced. (more…)

and then i almost puked

March 24, 2010 Posted by the writer

I submitted something for ‘publisher consideration’ today. It’s the last thing that I am going to submit for a bit… give or take more bits…

As we’ve seen blog family, the entire process turns me into a ranting mess of foul mouthed rage. Not at the rejection(S)… with all the fucked-upness in the world, suuuurely I can handle a little lot of ‘rejection’…

Oh no, that is not my issue at all. In all honesty, I can’t judge my personal work as being ‘good’ or ‘eh…’ because it’s my work. It’s who I am. (more…)

another rant about publishers

March 14, 2010 Posted by the writer

So as we all know I sent in a new round of work recently to get knocked back by publishers. (more…)

i need a webpage and a last name…

March 8, 2010 Posted by the writer

I realize I have this webpage… but I think I need one with some type of ‘gretchen’ ring to it. And I think I need a last name. Sure I’ve got a few of those already on ID cards and certificates, now I need one for a web address. (more…)

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