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alice in wonderland

March 7, 2010 Posted by the writer

I went and saw Alice in Wonderland. I heart Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

After seeing the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA in New York City a few weeks ago, I was super excited. I literally beamed in delight when WALT DISNEY PICTURES came up on the movie screen. (more…)

bored of still reading my stuff

February 28, 2010 Posted by the writer

I get bored of reading my own stuff. I can’t imagine anyone that would want to read the same thing over and over and over. Granted there are certain things we revisit, favorite books or poems, songs even. But not usually all day, every day, for consecutive periods of time. (more…)


February 10, 2010 Posted by the writer

I’m going to the library today. I need to figure out what a PhD proposal is and how I’m going to do one. Only in the Arts does one set out to get a PhD as a ‘fall back plan’ in case nothing else pops.

Admissions aren’t until October but apparently you’re supposed to really sound like you know what you’re talking about at that stage, so for me that means a very early start.

What tends to attract me to studying so much (other than being a huge dork) is that University admissions and degrees are based more on fact than say, getting accepted by a publisher. I’ve seen too many insanely talented Writers consistently knocked back by publishers with little explanation of why. Research is a bit different, it’s systematic. There are blatant guidelines to the ins and outs and if a Uni rejects you, you’re likely to at least get a decent reason why and a bit of encouragement to brush yourself off and have another go.

Furthermore as I get old and disgruntle I realize a job that doesn’t make me want to bang my head against a wall for stimulation during ‘work time’ hours is going to be in order at some point. I reckon lecturing at a University at down the track would suit me. Jumping up and down in front of a room of young minds saying ‘WRITE WRITE WRITE!!!’ has a special ring to it.

… so into town I go!!

on the up

February 3, 2010 Posted by the writer

I’m pulled together. I had a few teary days and moderate brain malfunctioning… all sorted. I wonder if people are less emotional than me or just not as blatant about it. (more…)

we only want you to write this

January 27, 2010 Posted by the writer

I wonder if establishing yourself as a Writer means having to be dedicated to one genre. I think in the past I talked about writing under different aliases and how, although it makes sense, it also complicates my life too much. Being ‘gretchen’ alone takes enough out of me. (more…)

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