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day twelve. sperlonga.

July 22, 2016 Posted by the writer

951ca755-e9f6-46ed-ba81-a3dcf0181c82So it’s 8am on Friday. Here are my top ten stats of the day, it’s been a minute since a top ten.

Top ten stats of Friday so far.

10. The amount of minutes it took me to get myself out of bed.

9. The number of dreams I had about the luthier last night.

8. The current time.

7. The number of texts I’ve swapped with the luthier so far today. (more…)

To Pour My Heart Out

June 6, 2015 Posted by the writer

Namaste blog tribe

It has literally been five minutes. I hope you are all staying bright and blessed.

Since I’ve been here last… here are the top ten things that happened:

10. Got back to my place. After more than my serve of bullshit.

9. Kicked around the book, made some HUGE changes.

8. Went to a few pole dancing classes, that shit is hard.

7. Opened all of my windows for summer, they won’t be closed again until November-ish.

6. Started smiling again – needed that.

5. Had a handful of out of body experiences, lucid dreams to other places.

4. Wrote. Wait, I mentioned that, right?

3. Started looking for a new place… moving for the 10th time in three years (you know how my gypsy feet stray).

2. Danced with the puppies.

1. Started my refreshing favorite and best job – they even gave me a business card that says WRITER, and it’s orange. Of course.

After 36 months of trauma, it’s nice to brush my shoulders off. The last time I was so in tune with Self was in 2002, when I lived alone down on first avenue – the lower east side. When I would take the Bleeker Street train to 17 State Street and do the foolish things jobs ask new graduates to fulfill.

Before I was a Hell’s Kitchen-based Executive who walks to work…

Fuck… I love this town.

People can say what they want about being beat by my town. New York City is the love of my life, regardless of where I go or end up. She has a majestic way to sooth and rock my woes…

I can’t tel you how relieving it is to feel better.

New writing on the way. x o x

this internal. dwelling. top ten.

March 10, 2015 Posted by the writer

Love to you blog tribe.

IMG_7733I’m still internal. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I look around for the nearest sledgehammer to break the crystal globe I’ve been hibernating in the last few months.

It’s interesting to reach a point, after maintaining a “blah-g” for so many years, where I’ve literally retracted for an overwhelming number of reasons.

Top 10 Reasons I’ve Crept Into “Me” (more…)

89 days

June 4, 2012 Posted by the writer

I realized this morning that it has been 89 days since Tim arrived.

Needless to say, my family is pretty pissed off about me getting hitched 44 days after discovering the wonder of my husband. It’s ironic because part of my escape from Australia was to be closer to them. I imagine if anyone decides to have a real look at how ecstatic I am about life lately, they’ll decide to come around.

You always hear people talk about how life can change overnight. I still don’t think it prepares anybody for when it actually happens.

As a Writer, things that inspire me usually stir in my stomach for a few weeks before I start pouring them out. Truth be told, between finding a new place, booking puppy flights, rocking a day job, and marveling at the man who wifed me lickety split… I’ve been spilling some poetry, not as many short stories… a bit of novel here and there… and a couple other odds and ends.

I think I’ll write a short story today.

It’s interesting being in a relationship with someone who reads my work. Not only does my man read what I’m writing, he even knocks around blog land and does some writing of his own. Here are my top ten favorite things about my husband:

Gretchen Cello’s Top Ten Favorite Things About Her Husband Tim

10. Tattoos.

9. He’s mean on a BMX.

8. He cooks.

7. He knows how to build things.

6. He appreciates the puppies… and museums.

5. He understands that hot sauce is the only truly critical condiment.

4. He lets me cry sometimes when Earth overwhelms me.

3. He’s musical.

2. He is the most genuinely kind creature I have encountered.

1. Falling in love at first sight injects unique meaning into life.

Now… off to write that short story. Love and light to you and yours… spread it, the world will thank you. I promise.

not so broken after all. top ten.

November 2, 2011 Posted by the writer

A large contributor to my most recent bout of plot losing was due to the fact that I thought FollowMeToNYC was exploding. (more…)

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