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sublet. write wanting.

I’ve decided to sublet an apartment. Not sure how long this concept will last, because as we all know I am in the middle of a major crisis.

I came to reach this decision in a variety of ways… here are the top ten.

top ten reasons i’m going to sublet Continue reading

dear richard branson. top ten.

Dear Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson

My name is Gretchen Cello and you may have seen me hitting you off on Twitter over the past few days. I am writing because I need some aircraft assistance and thought, who better to ask than a ruler of the sky such as yourself.

So here’s the thing, according to laws of us common-folk, the only way I can get my two puppies from Australia to New York City is to check them as luggage. This involves putting them in two separate crates and stashing them away in the icy darkness of baggage land for a twenty-some odd hour flight… I think you could do something about this.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why would I?”

Top Ten Reasons Why Richard Branson Should Help Me

Not Have To Check The Puppies Like Baggage

10. You genuinely seem like a friendly, reasonable chap.

9. You appreciate entrepreneurial spirit… this is my 687th consecutive blog post with no sign of stopping. Writers, after all, are supposed to write… Right?

8. I’m cute and I know you fancy cute girls because I’ve seen your flight attendants. Continue reading

50 000 nothing. 50 percent feed. Row.

Supposedly a website is kind of important once it gets 50 000 visits a day. I learned that recently watching Wall Street 2.

A few days away from my 400th consecutive post we’ve gathered a few hundred cult members to stop by for a daily word dance. However the illest thing is that half of you have subscribed to the RSS feed which means without a shadow of a doubt we’re liaising on a daily basis.

I think that is so very cool. Continue reading

i made it through the day! top ten

Hot news blog family!

I went to a job today that I didn’t walk out of. In fact, I actually had fun. And no, I’m not saying that as some new-age affirmation to make myself think I enjoyed the day when it actually sucked. Please… you know how I do.

Without boring you with details, I shall be getting dollars for the next four weeks writing. When it comes down to it, writing jobs make me happy. Even when they mean I have to sit at a desk other than my own. I will literally make close to double what last week’s ‘incident’ had on the table.

And I need money for two very important things:

1. moving to Melbourne

2. traveling back to New York City (holl-aaaah!!) Continue reading

another rant about publishers

So as we all know I sent in a new round of work recently to get knocked back by publishers. Continue reading

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