thanksgiving warm up… think peace

100_1543Yesterday I went to see a holiday parade in Stamford. Seeing as I haven’t done a full ‘holiday season’ in the states since the year 2000 … I am all over anything and everything the season brings.

Living in another country for as long as I have changes something in you. I don’t know what, and I don’t really know how. But something changes.100_1575

Drinking eggnog coffee and eating chocolate biscotti watching a parade with my mom, sister, niece, nephew and brother (‘in law’) surrounded by stacks of families from all over the world left me feeling drunk on happiness. I think I heard about thirty seven languages spoken from where I was standing which were all translated into smiles and laughter.

100_1558So then I started thinking, that’s why I love this country. But then it occurred to me, this is a huge country… and I haven’t seen most of it. Therefore the only advice I can really give to my international family… if you come to visit the states… make sure you go to New York City… I’m fairly certain it might blow your mind. Hopefully it will restructure the image that the media creates of the US and ‘Americans’ on an international scope100_1501.

That said, inside the balloons and sweets and school marching bands that had everyone wiggling in delight… I couldn’t help but take notice of the war memorial behind me. And it made me sad. War makes me sad. It makes no difference what people or countries are involved. It’s always sad.

100_1484So instead of carrying on about this and turning today’s entry into a major downer… let’s all think PEACE. Even when you feel small or confused. Because let’s face it… if everyone thought peace… there wouldn’t be war.

… and there would probably be more parades and places for everyone from anywhere to celebrate in the streets, just because.

3 thoughts on “thanksgiving warm up… think peace

  1. I love this post. It left me feeling all happy inside… (PS. love the pics! You don’t see those ‘down unda’…)

    1. i heart you consuelo… your black forest cake on thanksgiving last year was the best!! OLE!!

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