the Do’s and Don’ts of what i have

I don’t have a flashy webpage with really ace graphics (in case you haven’t noticed). IP23-05-06_12.36 do have an odd ability to draw manga but only when I have something in front of me to draw from (weak, you’re right…)

I don’t have an agent, publisher, or anyone paying attention to my work, that I’m aware of. I do have about 200 cats and kittens stopping by this blog every day to see what’s popping (very cool…)

I don’t have any desire to be better than anyone else, I don’t believe that’s a possibility for any soul floating around, contrary to some perceptions. I do have an incontestable belief in life after death that has a lot to do with the preceding don’t (i mean… we’re all monkeys…)

P23-05-06_12.43I don’t have a clue how I am possibly going to swing not having to go back to a job that I hate some time around late February early March. I do know that I’ll suck it up and get the bills paid, because I always do (somehow…)

I don’t have an understanding of a lot of what I witness in the world. I do have the ingrained knowledge that by trying to be decent and dousing the world with unconditional love and acceptance, you do make it a better place (i’m a hippy, we’ve covered this…)

I don’t always have patience, not because I don’t love everyone… because I’m one of those emotional creatures referred to as ‘humans’ and am all too aware of the restrictions posed by this. I do believe in life on other planets (totally hoping to get abducted…)

I don’t know how I’m going to pull off this whole ‘creative writer’ thing to the extent of being able to support a simple existence doing the one thing I’m passionate about.

I do know there is no way I’ll stop trying (no matter what…)

Best advice I ever received: You can’t change who you are.

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