the gretchen anthology

That’s right everyone. Approximately 48 hours ago during script break I got a brilliant idea that was born from the brief consideration of ‘Wouldn’t it be great to have a bunch of poems and short stories in one document?’

After some serious cutting and pasting and three hours of life that I’ll never get back… I had about 50,000 words in front of me. Sure it needs some editing. But for a collection of poetry, micro-fiction and a few short stories… not too shabby.

In script world there’s conflict everywhere and I’m trying to resist starting FinalV2 until the ending is exactly the way I want it.

… which is why I’m awake at 3.45am.

I can’t believe all of my Yankee people doing it hard in the snow. It doesn’t seem that winter really arrived until I left… which I’m totally not complaining about.

I’ve invited stacks of people to Australia to beat the cold months (CJ I’m talking to you).

7 thoughts on “the gretchen anthology

  1. Jaysis that came out all wrong! People I have never seen Gretch naked I swear, its a reference to the fact that my wife has seen me naked and therefore doesn’t take my writing seriously !
    I’ve had a week of foot in mouth disease. !

  2. I did that too once, but I was a real masochist and printed out the hard copies. Needless to say I sat and shuffled the pile in bewilderment for months. Not looking forward to doing it again for the new collection. And as far as partners reading my work, I’d take an editor over a boyfriend any day.

    1. HA! That’s a really good point…

      My plan of attack to get through this involves stapling my eyelids open until I at least finish the first thrashing. I’m around 25% along… and due for drinks at five… I’ll need one… or eight.

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