the magician. 2 of 22.

the magician

All of us are born with exact understandings, ability to act, divine free will. Nineteen days before we met is when I officially began business with my partner working from a small office in alphabet city.

It wasn’t that we required an “office” to provide our services, but it definitely granted us an instant impression of authority. As clients steadily began ringing our floor, there was an immediate confidence ingrained in them.

We have something they require.

From downtown lawyers to west village stay at home mothers, three or four new clients a day rang our bell. They climbed the splintered four flights to reach us. They knocked our red door with no hesitation.

They told us things they never imagined speaking out loud.

We called it a Consulting Firm. Don’t you agree that’s a funny term? “Consultant.” My partner Anthony and I, we researched a myriad of titles: Advisers, Managers, Mentors, Tutors. At one stage Anthony even suggested, “Motivational Speakers”. We laughed about that knowing that the key to our success meant having as little interaction with outsiders as required.

People like us don’t do crowds. Not because we can’t handle them. We simply have a history of keeping quiet.

History builds who you are.

Anthony and I have different goals. The business led us both to them, or led them to us I suppose.

Are you still following what I want to reveal to you? There is no such thing as coincidence. I was looking for you far before all of this began.

How far back can you recall?

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