Please forgive my absence over the past 72 hours beautiful family of blog. It has been filled with PUPPIES! Planning and preparing… airport-ing and freighting…


There really aren’t any words to express my glee. To be back at my computer, clacking away, with my two furry babies sleeping at my side brings a peace I have lacked for at least eleven months.

Picking them up at the airport yesterday was wild. Timothy and I rented a van, cruised to JFK and circled through the vast land of international freight until finally two tiny crates appeared. As soon as I was spotted, there was yelping and singing, and confusion peaked. Naturally, I ripped the crates open rapidly and to the dismay of the warehouse workers – out shot two Staffies who were cooped up for two days.

They sprinted laps around the grassy border of the collection area while Timothy and I chased them, giggling madly. Once we managed to wrestle them still, everyone hopped in the van like we were never apart. We cruised back to the puppies’ new abode where they settled in straight away.

While I’ve been back in the States now for close to 13 months, I haven’t felt home until now. Flying the puppies to New York City was always something I knew would happen, but could never actually picture. As I watch them adjust to new sounds and smells, I sink even deeper to my new life in this town.

Puppies, husband, house, yard… not bad for my initial year of readjustment.

I guess next is book. I’ll be editing Poetry: Volume Three over the next few days. It will be available shortly. Novel is continually pieced. But most importantly…

THEY’RE HERE! (Take that Richard Branson)

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