tomorrow. i swear. espresso to pints.

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Surprisingly, I haven’t heard from Richard Branson today. I suppose he’s carrying out some high-level executive task that’s preventing him from telling us all that he’s going to fly the puppies to New York City for me… so let’s sit tight for a few more days… considering the hour difference between Australia and the UK and all.

For the past ten hours straight I’ve been sorting Poetry: volume two. It started off with strong espresso this morning and has somehow landed me in my local pub on my second pint editing editing editing.

And we all know how I much love doing that…

Never the less! Come tomorrow, Poetry: volume two will be hot off the press! Let me tell you… I’m over it!

Speaking to one of my favorite people this afternoon I carried on about, “I can’t wait for it to be over! It’s like I can’t finish off a year until the anthology comes out!”

Wait… when did that happen?

The idea of Poetry: volume twenty makes me feel old and smart at the same time. Every day we learn something new… yeah?

So tomorrow it is! One more morning, one more coffee… I’ll be good. Considering that I’m so caught up with, I don’t know, MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY?!?!? The fact that I’m publishing a second book hasn’t even set in.

Besides… I’m not trying to kid myself. As much as any book is an achievement, this isn’t “THE” book. That has to be finished in Manhattan.

I’ll be in Manhattan three weeks from today. I”ve mentioned that, haven’t I?


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