top 10 and the psychology of scripting

Today the thriller script will be read in hard copy form. I shall take some brief notes and prepare for the next draft to be completed over the first week of January… I’m thinking there will be two more drafts to come… then final… come hell or high water.

Top 10 Things I’ve learned completing my first 100 Posts

10. I know nothing about building a webpage but the books are kind of helping (hopefully).

9. It’s always more fun getting comments, but no one likes getting teeth pulled (for real).

8. I need to start reading & commenting on other people’s blogs when I score a few more hours in the day (shoot me your link).

7. I still consider my page more of a ‘rant’ than a blog (grrrr!).

6. Checking visits makes me giddy. (love x)

5. Somehow within the ups and downs and madness of this all, I really am learning about myself as a Writer (mental patient).

4. Something about it all makes me feel naked (voyeur?).

3. Akishment is dope (plug-in).

2. GoogleAds + FollowMeToNYC = pointless (diced).

1. Our blog family is the hottest (period / full stop).

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