truffle butter

So I was on about my favorite Nicki track off Pink Print a few weeks ago. They’re actually all my favorite…

Anyways, I’ve been feeling less emo recently. I’ve moved away from R&B, through a brief rock period and now I’m back to Prink Print.

I miss my crew in Australia. My fellow Writer wenches and Artistic posse of love spreaders. It makes me smile watching us all make moves with new creations and surreal experiences of inspiration.

I like seeing whole crew make it. That’s part of what I dig about Nicki and Young Money – in addition to the fact that each one of them has a sick flow and smart words.

And I’ve always been sucker for smart words…

“I ain’t gotta compete with a single soul. I’m good with the ballpoint game, finger roll.”

One thought on “truffle butter

  1. We miss you too, honey…I was just smiling about French night yesterday, as I trammed past the corner of Elizabeth and Collins St, remembering you striding towards us with your basket of camembert and cognac. I got your email and will respond soon. Short answer is that I’ll be out of Melbourne in October – heading off to Finland for another writing residency! – but any other time will be here to welcome you with open arms. Hurry honey…hurry x

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