we only want you to write this

I wonder if establishing yourself as a Writer means having to be dedicated to one genre. I think in the past I talked about writing under different aliases and how, although it makes sense, it also complicates my life too much. Being ‘gretchen’ alone takes enough out of me.

I’ve come across a few Writer blogs and it seems like other people are good at defining themselves. There are clear, concise definitions like ‘I write romance’ or ‘I am a YA fiction author’. This works out great for me because at face value I can tell what my fellow word nerds are getting up to and explore their wonderful work.

Unfortunately, I can’t put myself out there in a way that’s straight forward. Not unless I feel like filling gaps of contradiction. For example, ‘Writer of YA fiction, poetry, erotica, feature films, micro fiction and/or short stories… umm… etc.’

I suppose once an agent or publisher thinks they can make money off you somehow, they start telling you what they want you to write. I guess that would be cool… because you can dish out what’s going to feed you and keep on with the other words that come simply because you MUST RELEASE THEM to maintain your sanity.

… am I alone here?

memories of what make us

Idea vines wrap my rooted belief
that freedom follows gold truth to ourselves.
Monetary value brings no relief
when satisfaction doesn’t tie to wealth.
The feeling of expressing honest thought,
come it in forms of hardship or rejoice,
is not a tangible trait to be bought.
There is no price for the power of voice.
My salary’s paid by passion for life,
an exchange of adventures, what we learn.
Contemplating cost for this leads to strife.
Lone stacked dollars with nothing left to earn.
Without disruption, I aim to be me.
A piece of this world’s divine energy.

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    1. thank you my friend! twins certainly do enrich the different pieces we add to the whole! no wonder you have so many different skills between your food art & word art 😉

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