Welcome to FollowMeToNYC. I started this webpage in 2009, when I decided to leave an emotionally abusive marriage that I was in for eight years. This was after migrating to Australia in 2002, where I still remain a proud citizen. Australia will always be what I consider home, and I’ll return there in the future. Somewhere down the line.

Initially, this was a place to record daily thoughts, writing and reflection while I tried to figure out how to independently support myself in Manhattan – something I had no clue how I would swing. But in 2011, after blogging for over 800 days straight, I did it. I landed a job as a Writer that enabled me to have my own place, along with my dogs, in the center of the only location in the United States where I manage to find a sense of belonging – New York City.

I didn’t see the backlash of my divorce coming. I was actually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. I didn’t figure this out until I spent close to three years silently burning down a life that I had worked ceaselessly to build.  I believe it when people say everything is hindsight. I also believe in silver linings, although considering what I see in the world – I struggle with that on certain days.

This isn’t an ordinary Writer blog. It’s a collection of snapshots from my life. I’m blessed for the international group of visitors that has grown over the years – over three million reads and counting. I don’t update this site daily anymore. After a recent completion of officially processing my divorce aftermath, an internalization resulted that I’m still navigating. Also, in April 2014, an incident occurred that I can’t talk about for legal reasons. But it tore the bandaid off from a lot of the healing I had achieved and resulted in a shocking spell of PTSD that I still cope with.

I have been writing since I was a little girl. I wrote my first book in third grade. My statement as an Artist is to create a space and timeframe where others can find an emotional assimilation that I feel dwindles in our present electronic age.

Thank you for stopping by. Love to you, yours and ours. Namaste.

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