what kind of blogger am i

When I took off on my Writing mission and started this site, I never really thought of it as a ‘blog’. I think this is partially because in Australia the entire concept of blogging isn’t quite as out of control as it is over here. Obviously people do it, but I take pride in my ability down under to stay totally out of touch with trends. I guess that’s part of what I like about living there. I can always catch up quick when I’m back in NYC.

It wasn’t long after I was back in the States that I started hearing about everyone (and their mother’s) blog and realized that’sDSCN2046 basically what I’m doing here… blogging about my experiences as a Writer and some other random bits.

Considering that I bounce back to Australia in February (which might as well be tomorrow the way time soars each day), I’ve been thinking about the direction I’m going to go with blogging. I think I’m going to kick off a ‘new & improved’ domain with a moderately different set up… more details to come closer to February.

My rants about the work I’m carrying out will naturally continue along with more focus on what I’m actually creating.

We’ll be live from New York City over the next couple days!!! I’m GOIN IN!!!

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